The importance of cooking utensils
Few things are as much important as the meals in kitchen. Things we simply cannot cook, eat or mess around food with- the utensils.


There are some cultures that use their hands while eating more of their food, but in case you are not part of them you may have noticed the idea and reason in using different kitchen utensils.

You do not have to be a master chef to know that the good utensils and tools make the process of cooking and consuming food better in this manner.

So in few steps, let’s see which tool is more important in a kitchen and a must-have utensil to make things in there a lot more easier and comfortable.

Proper cooking systems is of utmost importance. They do enhance the speed of the cooking process, and make serving the food better procedure, in order to maintain the hygienic environment, it is extremely important to have a cook system in place.

tarting to think about and planning the cooking systems you must first order them by different reasons and your concrete needs. For example you do not need professional cooker, in case you ain’t got a restaurant.

Basics you will probably need:

  • Measuring tools;
  • Cutting equipment and slicing accessories;
  • Blending utensils;
  • Baking  and cooking equipment.

    We are talking about basics and essentials, not some extravagant tools that you will use two times in a year.

    For example – cheese graters, aluminum foil rolls, baking sheet, can openers, pile openers, foil cutters, scissors, garlic press, egg beaters, egg slicer, potato masher, skewer and mandolin.

    You need to provide yourself with them according your household requirements and needs.

    The size, design and shape of these equipment again, depend on your type of requiremets.

    These are things that we think every kitchen space should possess. However if you are fond of particularly concrete type of cooking (as baking for example) you will probably need some more stuff about that type, than any other instead.

    Being a newbie is not that bad, although some of the stuff you need to buy yourself is a bit more expensive than others.

In this occasion you could turn to second hand devices, such as stoves, baking machines, ovens etc. Just make sure they are in proper condition and have some guarantee documents.

Top 10 most important utensils that you must have

No matter how good you are with the preparing of meals for you and your family, there are some basics to which you should turn to.

And since we talked about the devices and the idea of second hand machines, let’s emphasize on the must-have tools you got to have by your side when preparing a proper meal.

1. A large (and small) pot

It’s probably useful for most of the cooking you will go through.

2. A frying pan

Yes, we know that frying is not as healthy as boiling or baking, but, hey- everybody needs sometimes a good plate of French fries, alongside the fish.

So no matter what think about a good frying pan, which will serve you properly.

3. A small sauce-pot

There is actually no reason to explain why you need this one. You will, believe us. Just open the first cooking book and see some recipe.

Yes, we told you.

4. A good knife

Essential for every kitchen. It is that important not only for the good and fast cooking, but for the safety sake as well.

5. A wooden spoon

Wooden utensils are a great deal, because they do not leave smell, they are healthy and natural products. You can use them in boiling, frying, salad making, stirring.

It is firm and appropriate to scrape any kinds of food materials from the other utensils.

They resist on high temperatures, and they do not leave scratches and most of all wooden tools are often quite cheap. Since they are multi-functional you still can buy yourself some great set of those.

6. The metal spatula

We all know this one. The only thing which makes this one better than the wooden spoon is that it is perfect for scraping the food from flat bottom surfaces, like the pan for example.

Just remember to have your metal spatula made of sturdy metal, because this will help you to keep your pan’s surface slick and undamaged.

7. A pair of tongs

This will help you make things easier in the kitchen. They flip meat easily, you can toss the salad after seasoning it with the dressing.

They are long and handy, especially when you use them properly.

8. A ladle

A retrospective and in the same time contemporary tool in the kitchen.

Ladles are of great importance for scooping large portions of soups with a single stroke. This way they do not make any mess.

9. The spider skimmer

It helps you take out food portions out of the heated liquid. Fried potatoes or fish in a heated oil come out as easy as it sounds.

With the help of the holes in the structure of this tool you make things a lot simpler.

10. His majesty – the peeler

Yes, you can do its job using a small knife, but let’s be clear- it will not be as precise as with it.

It’s cheaper than a knife, and it is quite safe, cause you have got only ten fingers after all.